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  • Progesterone question

    I have been diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure..I have been taking HRT (Vivelle dot & Prometrium 200). Due to my dx, I was told that taking these meds would not prevent a pregnancy, but then I read somewhere that Progesterone would prevent you from ovulating..what are your opinions on this? I take the Prometrium the last 12 days of the cycle.

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    Hi Jill,
    Progesterone can block ovulation, but only if taken around the time an egg is ready to ovulate. If you happen to develop a mature egg that ovulates before you take the Prometrium, then if ovulation already took place the Prometrium couldn't block ovulation from happening. If you happen to have a mature egg that is ready to ovulate (but hasn't yet been released), and if you start Prometrium at that time, it can potentially block the egg from ovulating.

    I hope this makes sense, and I hope this answers your question.
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