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Blocked Fallopian Tube

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  • Blocked Fallopian Tube

    Good afternoon, I recently received my results back from an HSG test and it showed that I had a blocked fallopian tube, due to scar tissue. When I asked the doctor for the common causes, none of them applied to me, such as, sexually transmitted disease. I do have Grave's diease or hyperthyroidism, but all of my levels are stable at this point. I have never had a sexually transmitted disease and have only had one partner, my husband. What could be the cause of scar tissue in this fallopian tube if I haven't had any pelvic diseases, STD's, etc...?

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    The more common causes of blocked tubes are infection, endometriosis, and prior pelvic surgery. Also, realize that non-entry of contrast ("dye") into a tube on HSG doesn't necessarily mean the tube is blocked....

    Hope this helps,
    Dr. Roseff
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