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  • Azoospermia?

    Hi Dr. Roseff

    First off I would like to thank you for the work you do here. I am glad to have some place to ask my question. I am wondering if a vasectomy would be detected in a fertility work up? My partner has no sperm count. I am concerned that he might not being completely honest with me because we have some infertility benefits as part of out insurance coverage in the state of CT, but any coverage will be denied if there was a vasectomy and he is aware of this. I do know that he had hernia surgery as a child and has a scar across the hair in the pubic triangle. He played ice hockey for many years taking pucks to the groin. He has seen a urologist over the last couple of years because of painful urination/ ejaculation and just generalized pain and the urologist diagnosed him with "prostatosis". He was on antibiotics for several months at a time with little improvement. He had several prostate massages and this "prostatosis" is a chronic problem for him which include pain with nearly every ejaculation. The urologist also said he had a varicocele. Would any of these things cause azoospermia? He is 46 and was married before and has never had children, but I know his ex did not want children. I have never gotten pregnant am told I may have PCOS due to my history of wildly irregular periods, significant acne since puberty, and 2 hour fasting was elevated at 124. I am turning 40 soon, at which time all fertility benefits will end. He is older and has no infertility coverage so everything we do with him related to fertility is self pay, but my coverage will be denied if he had a vasectomy. So I am not sure I even want to know if he had a vasectomy, but I would like to know if there is anything in his history which might cause a zero sperm count and if a vasectomy would be detected in a fertility work up for IVF. Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Thanks for the kudos. Rarely, hernia surgery can result in azoospermia. Chronic trauma to the groin can possibly result in azoospermia, too, due to scarring. Chronic prostatitis can rarely lead to azoospermia, too, is it may indicate infection which can cause scarring and obstruction. Varicocele can occasionally lead to azoospermia.

    A good, certified, male fertility specialist may be able to tell if he had a vasectomy (after a complete workup), but with so many other factors in his history it may be tough.

    I hope this helps,
    Dr. Roseff in Florida
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