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    Dear Doctors.
    I am reaching out in hopes of some help on what to do for my (maybe) first and last FET.
    Quickly I will summarize my experience: I am 36,I have daughter age 5,
    2.5 years ago I had a terrible ruptured appendix misdiagnosed 3 times and had my right tube removed.
    Dec. 08 pregnant missed miscarriage at 10 weeks (ultrasound showed it 6.6weeks)
    March 09 pregnant,MC at 5.5, no ultrasound
    May 09 pregnant lasting 4 days post HPT.
    Diagnosed with 3cm endometrioma/endometriosis.
    One year spend testing and looking for help.
    (I am an American living in Brazil so its difficult for me)
    Unable to get pregnant after found cyst and had first IVF April 2010.

    I was on long lupron protocol and menopur.
    Had 14 follicles, attempted to fertilize 10 (clinic only does ICSI) got 8 embryos. All 8 and 7 cell grade A.
    Took synthroid, baby asprin, folic acid and prenatal vitamin.
    Transfered 3, first three betas good.
    Ultrasound at 6 weeks3days showed one sac disappearing the other small and empty (7mm). Looks like a blighted ovum.

    I have had all the blood clotting and immune testing and chromosome abnormality testing that I can do (at least here in Brazil).
    All hormones great, FSH 5.5, resting follicle count was 9.
    I know I lack the NK assay, unavailable here.

    SO, I have stage IV endo, also Hashimotos (positive for both antibodies), I had ulcerative colitis at age 17 (not been a problem since) I also suffer a skin autoimmune disease (cannot remember name) that causes blister break outs on arms and bottom of feet that pops up only every year but has gotten worse. My CD3 was 79% which is borderline.

    I keep reading about Intralipids and think that may be my answer for success.
    But without any tests that show a NK level high, I fear I will never be prescribed them.

    I am so tired of taking tests. My last "test" will be losing my 4th pregnancy.
    There has to be a reason. This is not luck or fate.
    Isn't loosing 4 pregnancies before 6.5 weeks a clue? Isn't this went the placenta develops. Could it be clotting?

    I have 3 frozen 5 day blasts that may be my last chance (due to cost of another IVF and my husband doesn't want to see my upset again)
    Should I fight for prednisone, heparin, Intralipids??
    I am scared to try again and scared not to try at all.

    What do you think?
    Thanks for your time and insight!