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I dont know what else to do!

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  • I dont know what else to do!

    Im having a last final Fet with day 6 blastocysts (donoreggs) in july. Have had 2 failed fresh donoregg cycles and 1 failed FET(2 young donors, 29 and 28yrs)
    im 43 with Ashermans diagnosed in 2009 and had surgery to remove scartissue last year, it was mild scarring but enough to wwarrant surgery. my linings are between 8-11mm in the last 3 cycles and triple line so Im at a loss at what the reason for failed implantation can be. I tried Trental, aspirin, Vit E the last 2 cycles. Level 1 and 2 tests were normal for immunological issues.(NKtests and thrombophilia) I took heparin, aspirin though and also PIO injections. What about VIAGRA? But my linings are good
    Ive run out of ideas. i had a daughter though donoreggcycle 6yrs ago and another 4yrs ago and im very grateful, so this will be my final ever cycle

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    Hello Kheira! I just wanted to wish you goodluck on your procedure, if you haven't had it yet. If you have had it, I wish you the same and God Bless! I have similar procedures as you---2 IVF and 1 FET without success. Please let us know how it turned out.


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      i want to wish you the best with whatever happens. Glad to hear you have 2 healthy little ones already! I'm not sure if you have had your last cycle done yet but if you haven't i'm praying that is works out.

      My husband and I have benn dealing with infertility for the past 4 yrs. we have no children. i have stage 2-3 endo. and he has a extremly low sperm count. We are doing IVF with in the next few weeks(ish) need to jump through a few more loops. whats a few more right?? lol thats all we seem to be doing. very frusterating but yet hopfully worth it in the end. please say a little prayer for we will do the same for you. God Bless you and your family.

      Sarah & Will


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        Hi, just recently I read that the British woman, who was not helped by three in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, became pregnant after treatment with Viagra. The examination showed that the blood flow in her uterus is insufficient for the full development of the mucous membrane, and they cannot implant the embryo into it. The attending physician recommended her a course of Viagra
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