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Global media and O2%?

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  • Global media and O2%?


    My RE suggested the use of "Global media" for our embryo for our next IVF round, we are planning on using ICSI

    I have read mixed message on the subject, one article stating that most of the new media where better in general than what is normally used but 1 paper mentioned that Global media was not superior in cases where ICSI was used. I do not have full access to that paper so I am not sure with what media they are comparing it to but I was wondering what was your take on this.

    I was also suggested to be part of a trial that uses 5% Oxygen instead of 20%... I have readu some pretty interesting preliminary findings but I wanted to know you take on it...

    I guess I amlooking for other opinions on the subject...

    thanks you very much for this site, I really appreciate the time you spend answering!