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    Hi, my name's Shannon and I'm 27 years old. My husband and I have been TTC for 18 months. We've had tons of testing (SA, HSG, US, bloodwork) and everything has come back normal. So we have moved onto Minimal stimulation IVF. On CD 4 before my stimulation cycle my FSH was 7.8 and my AFC was 11. I started BCP on CD 21 for 12 days. I spotted some on CD 28 since my period would usually be starting and then 5 days later I started my cycle the day after stopping my BCPs. I had the worst cramps in my life off and on for a day and heavier bleeding (I am assuming that is from delaying my menstruation). I had blood work done on CD 1 and my FSH was 4.8 and Estradiol was 30. On CD 4 I went back to my doctor and my FSH was 18, Estradiol was 30 and AFC was 9. My doctor was baffled, as was I, and he decided that I couldn't start my stimulation with Clomid since my levels were not where they should be. My question is, what could cause my FSH to rise so quickly? I have always had my FSH around 7-8. He asked if I was taking any herbal supplements and I haven't been. Just prenatal vitamins, super b-complex, fish oil, vit D & Magnesium. I have been trying to really think about anything that could have been different and I did have 3 glasses of wine the night before my CD 4 blood work (and I haven't had any alcohol in many months) and I did start a mind/body program two nights before that had you visualize your hormones stimulating your ovaries. I know both of those are reaching a bit, but I am really confused. Could you let me know what you think? Thanks!