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  • IVF protocol

    I have a question about IVF protocols and would appreciate your insight.

    My first IVF cycle was with 225 Follistim and Ganirelix after being on bcp for a little over a month. They were able to get 6 eggs, all mature, 3 of the eggs fertilized, 2 embryos made it to day 3 but were 6 cells and average-poor quality BC grade (background on me...I am 30 years old highest fsh tested was 10.2 normal e2 level I have had 3 miscarriages, 1 stillbirth, and one living child). For my last IVF cycle both embryos were transfered--the cycle did not work. The egg retrieval was difficult as my follicles were extremely hard to puncture, according to the dotor, and my follicles actually dulled the needle and the doctor had to switch needles during the retrieval. This next cycle my doctor wants to add 75 units menopur along with the 225 units follistim and ganirelix.
    I wonder a different protocol might be better? I will have been on continuous birth control for over a month before starting stims. Can being on birth control that long over supress/cause issues? Does your clinic have patients use lupron the last 4 days of birth control to help during the stim phase? Is there something we should consider doing at the start of the cycle to help with stimulation?

    Thank you.