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    Hi I’m a 39 year old African American woman who was diagnosed with CF at the age of 18. I’ve struggled years with my condition and after starting Trikafta At the beginning of this year I’ve never felt better since being diagnosed. I have progressed so much and in such a great place in my life. I’ve spoken with my Dr about having children and of course it’s a lot harder for me. My spouse and I have been actively trying to no avail. We’ve had an virtual appointment with a fertility doctor at UNC Chapel Hill. At this point time is very valuable considering my age and the process has to start immediately. I would love to go further but of course insurance doesn’t cover things and out of pocket fees is overwhelming with all at once and payment plans are not a option for that facility. Becoming a mother and my health is top priority. I’m wondering if there is any grants or programs that would help cover expenses for fertility treatments. This is something that’s so important to me and before I give up on the process I want to find as much help as I can get with starting the process. I have an amazing support system and they stand behind me 100%. Is there any resources available to help ones like myself? Time is winding down due to me turning 40 in December. I would love any help and resources that you may have. If you need anymore information, back story or anything you would like to know about me I am more than welcome to share information with you. Thank you in advance for any of your help