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I ordered the Body for Life program.

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  • I ordered the Body for Life program.

    Hi everyone-

    I mainly lurk, but would like to start posting more often while I try this program. I have never been on a true "diet program" in my life, so that should tell you how desperate I am! Has anyone tried it?

    Can I whine for a moment? After my ds was born in 2004 I quickly lost the weight, but after the twins were born in 2005 I have never been able to recover. I'm always tired, overweight, bloated, exhausted, etc. I've tried to resume running SEVERAL times and even did a HM, but at the end of this past July I finally stopped for good mainly because getting up at 5:30am was KILLING me. I never had a problem getting up early in the past, but I'm so exhausted now!

    On top of all this, I may be going through perimenopause. I'm 42yo. My AF is getting longer and heavier to the point where I'd say I'm bleeding two weeks out of every 4. The cramps are so bad and AF seems to go on forever. Oh, and I didn't know what PMS was until now! I feel depressed, oppressed, moody, down, not like myself, have insomnia, and am basically psyhco. I went to the doctor and he suggested BCP to even out my hormones. Can you believe it? After all the IUIs and IVFs it took me to get pregnant, I now have my tubes tied and have been put on BCP! It is so depressing. Or is it funny? I'm such a nut these days I can't tell which it is!

    So, I ordered the BFL program last night after watching an infomercial during yet another night of insomnia. In the past, I have counted calories, but after several attempts I'm waving the white flag on calorie counting this time. I just don't have the time nor the energy. I'm hoping this program will spoon feed me everything to do.

    So, you may see me around for the next 6 weeks. Wish me luck, because honey, I need it!


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    good luck!

    Don't think of it as a diet where you are restricting what and how much you are eating. Think of it as a diet of healthier choices.

    It's taken me years to come to really believe that yogurt and carrot sticks and the like aren't "diet" food. They are HEALTHY food!


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      I'll wish you luck, since that's what you asked for. But it isn't about luck at all. Just like being able to run a HM is not about luck. Nor is it about innate ability. Its about putting in the time and the effort, day after day after day. You know you can do that, because you've done it in the past. You know what its like to push through hurdles (with IF and with running). You know what its like to meet your goals. You CAN do it!

      Now, if you're serious, then don't just post and run off! Come back. Announce your successes! Admit your defeats (only if you have them... knowing you'll have to fess up to it can be a nice little deterrent). Let us help you on your journey.

      And if the pills don't help get your hormones more balanced, follow up with the doc to see what else can be done.