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    I am up .5 lb since last Monday. It is a little frustrating, because I ate well and exercised all week and was down a lb. Then we had a big dinner on Saturday night. Oh, well. It was delicious.

    I recently had some routine blood work done. I got the results this week and my cholesterol, etc. was all good. I was pleased!

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    Still in maintenance mode - down a little from last week's gain, so that's good.

    Really need to up my exercise, something I've been saying for the past year - but it's obvious that in order to maintain all the weight loss, I need to move more (and continue practicing good eating choices as much as I can).

    Have a great week, all!


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      I officially made my goal of 147 this week! That felt good, but I lowered it to 142. I know I should lose more, and I want to keep motivated, so let's see if I can lose another 5.

      I am headed to FL this week. Unfortunately the trip has taken a turn for the worse, as my dad is very very ill. I have had a couple of unplanned glasses of wine over the last few days, trying to deal with this, and my appetite is dead. I'm on the grief diet now .

      I wish everyone a good week. I'm hoping I can login when I'm in FL. My parents don't have a high speed connection, so not sure.



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        Does your doctor say you have high cholesterol? Then you know that you need to change your diet and lifestyle to reduce cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. Even if your doctor prescribes medications to lower cholesterol levels, we still need dietary changes to be more active for cardiovascular health. Hope you will find everything you need.
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          Truly need to up my activity, something I've been saying for as far back as year - yet clearly to keep up with all the weight reduction, I need to move more (and keep rehearsing great eating decisions however much I can). watches available online


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              The same thing happened to me. I changed my diet and work on some exercises, it was a good choice.
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