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Hello -I'm New Here! Please Help.

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  • Hello -I'm New Here! Please Help.

    Im Mike Berkley, Licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist, specializing in the care and treatment of those faced with fertility challenges since 1996.

    I am honored and thrilled to be part of inciid, one of the most relevant fertility support and information dissemination sites in the world.

    I will be pleased and very excited to answer your questions about herbs and acupuncture in the contact of fertility challenges - whatever they are. Please keep in mind that I am an expert in Chinese herbs - not Western herbs. Therefore I am not qualified to answer questions about Western herbs.

    To find out more about my background, who I am, and what I do, I invite you to visit my website at

    I eagerly await your questions.

    Please note that I will be on vacation from 8/24 until 9/1 so if I don't answer your questions during that time frame -please don't be offended - its just that I'll be on the beach for the first time in years revving up my battery. But I will be available before the 24th and after the 1st to help support you on your journey to family.

    Best wishes to all!

    Mike Berkley, L.Ac.

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    Hi Mike!

    We just got a Chinese Herb and Acupuncture center in my building at work. We will be attempting an FET in June (IVF #1, transferred 2 5 day blastocysts, 1 stuck= healthy baby girl). Our infertility is male factor (klinefelters syndrome) but I'd like to prepare my body as much as possible we have 3 embryos left but they arent the best quality. Should I pursue any acupuncture in preparation for our FET?




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      Hi Angela:
      Thanks for your question. Congratulations on the birth on your first! The answer to your question is not cut and dry. How old are you? Were the embryos not good quality because of poor sperm parameters? What defines them as being poor quality? Sometimes what appear to be poor embryos yield live births of healthy babies. Is there any female factor? Is your lining good? Please try and answer these questions and I will be able to offer a more concise answer. Oh, one more question...did you receive acupuncture prior to your first transfer?


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        Thank you so much for your quick reply! I'll be 29 for the FET (embryos taken at 27). I'm not sure on why the embryos are not great quality -is there a way I can find this out? I know that they don't know a lot about embryo 'quality' and a lot of it is assumed.... As far as I know there is no female factor issues- I've never tried to (or gotten) get pregnant before. No one brought any issues up during the IVF process- My lining was good the last time. I responded well (no adverse reactions) to the medications- though I did only get 10 eggs. 8 fertilized- 5 made it to day 5 and day 6 blastocysts. I did not have acupuncture prior to the first transfer.


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          It seems to me that this is a male-factor case. You are young and from what I gather (correct me if I'm wrong) have no pathology which would prevent you from getting pregnant - you did so before via IVF - due to male-factor. The fact that you got 5 blasts from 10 eggs is a high percentage basis and a very good thing. I do not think you need acupuncture unless you are super stressed and want to use it for stress reduction. I wish you the very best. Write me and let me know that the FET worked - which I suspect it will.


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            thank you so much! I just found this site. I hope to send more people this way!


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              My pleasure and best of luck!


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                I've checked this website its very useful to the person who all are going to do this particular thing and I really loved it too. Thank You so much.


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                  Hi, newbie here! I'm glad to be part of this forum, so far I'm reading some of the previous topics and I'm learning a lot.

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                    While procedures such as vitrification, which makes it simpler to freeze eggs, have substantially improved over the years, there are still a lot of things for women to consider when it comes to preserving their eggs. The success rate of a healthy pregnancy achieved by the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) method has grown significantly in recent years, making the treatment a more attractive alternative for patients to consider before starting another fresh IVF cycle. The embryo transfer is the last stage in a long road toward starting a family, and each path is different, but they all include planning, injections, appointments, and, most importantly, some ups and downs. Preparation for this day and understanding what to anticipate will help you feel less anxious and increase your chances of succeeding.