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sisters in loss... a request please...

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  • sisters in loss... a request please...

    Sisters in loss... I have a good friend who is a L&D RN. She see's the very best and as we know... the very worst. She has asked me what meant the most to Gordon & I when we lost Marisa, what we wished for, what we would have changed, and what we wish didnt happen but did (other than the obvious). I gave her a brief... account, but was at work and distracted.
    I was wondering if you could help me by making a list of yours...what helped, what you loved (pictures, footprints, ect) what you would have changed, ect. She is going thru her hospitals perinatal loss kit and wanted to know what they could do to make a loss, a bit more bearable
    I told her that I love my pictures more than anything, that I wish the bereavement gown had been a soft material instead of the old polyester feel, the footprints mean the world to me, ect. Stuff like that. The one thing I really wish I had more of was more pictures. Pictures of everything from her ears to her toes. :*(
    Email your list to me tonyahouston1 AT msn DOT com ... Please, as soon as you are able and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that this is hard, but hopefully it will help other Moms and Dads who sadly will be in our shoes in the future.