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People on the same floor 'easily have happy love'

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  • monicabing422
    True love always wins, nothing can break apart from love

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  • heatherbergh
    Love is indeed a powerful thing. It heals and it makes one happy.
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  • People on the same floor 'easily have happy love'

    The harmony of soul and intellect helps lovers to overcome all difficulties to receive true love.

    Love is a feeling that is easy for people to feel happy and sad. No one can explain the strange attraction of love. In Buddhism, the view of love is also a kind of profession. The profession of love, which cannot be undone, is graduation, nor is it bad karma. It belongs to the systems it delivers.

    Love is only one

    It is because there is no substitute, therefore, that love is hailed as sentimental. True love can only be one, which has no inheritance, change or can find any reason to love each other.

    When love really touches each other, everyone feels the same as two people with the same sense. Therefore, one always understands what the other wants, thinks and vice versa. Cannot solution at copy it like that.

    There are many things similar to love, but no matter how many love affairs people experience, they are only impressed with the deepest love and cannot find the harmony between soul and emotion. second people. Although it is not certain that love is the end of the limit of "love". Love, which has no limits. But true love usually only comes from one person.

    Love makes great power

    All restrictions on class, status, age, rich and poor, do not limit the way of love. On the contrary, that is the reason to make great stories that last for 5 centuries like the story of Prince Saleem and the shadow girl Anarkali of Lahore in India or the constant love story in Rome and Ai. The Egypt of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is still mentioned, although it has been around since 31 BC, until now.

    Or the story of Argentine President Juan Peron and his second wife, Lady Evita Peron. Or give up all rights and improve the emotional love of the British prince Edward and the beautiful American woman named Wallis Simpson even though this woman is married. And they still overcome it all to choose the same shared lives. This also being considered is a in the best story of the world and is one of the life of a lauded.

    True love transcends all limits and regulations of society. The nature of love is a moral. That is the principle of love.

    Love carries a great power, making people can sacrifice everything to get and also do everything to get. Therefore, love can turn a person into a great man, a hero, but it can also turn a person into a devil. Because of love, people can also do the worst things.

    Not a new life love each other

    In the Buddhist scriptures, the biggest debt in a person's life, love is the most difficult emotion to let go. To have to drop a love and most as a debt of love, one must "Practice" to give up karma, which is not easy. By that is the kind of love that has been cultivated from many lives, many lives, and meeting in this life is a promise from a previous life.

    Indeed, it is not by chance that we have feelings for only one person in the multitude of people we meet, and only meet one person to make them feel loved and not another in the billions of people that exist. at on this request address. Rejecting affection is not possible, running emotional is also only a temporary solution. We can only convert love to love, that's the best solution, but how many people really do this?

    How to feel happier when in love?

    Blessed love must have a similarity in class, that is understanding. True love is a very delicate emotion, without enough "wisdom" in love, one can hardly feel the true happiness of love. And the emotional things that bring regular satisfaction, we're not talking about.

    Even though they fell in love with a clear understanding. But there is a harsh reality that happiness in love is certainly only a temporary emotion, but suffering in love can be a pain that lasts a lifetime and can also last for many lives. if not move Smart. In terms of cause and effect in Buddhism, it is the phenomenon of boredom, pessimism, and moodiness of people in their own self-born nature.

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