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Some more brainstorming~

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  • Some more brainstorming~

    Some of these ideas are awesome... (from an inactive INCIIDer):

    "As for doing something for Hayley, what about a gift certificate to one of those companies that makes teddy bears out of old clothes, so she could have it made out of his old sweater, and an IOU for a quilt made out of his old shirts to Alison so she could wrap herself in it for comfort? Other than that, I think I would discourage any other grief trinkets and things like windchimes. She has jewelry that she can't help but remember him by, like her wedding ring. He lived in their home and he's everywhere so it will be impossible NOT to remember him, KWIM? But maybe things like paid tuition to a children's grief camp would be useful .

    a GC to an online bookstore with links to specific books about grieving -- I'm sure she's received some already, so it might be easier for her to pick some.

    A gift certificate to Schwann's. She won't have to cook that way and with two kids..."

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    Love love love the teddy bear idea. Had never heard of that.

    Allison might like one too, she may find it hard to sleep for a long time.