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  • Book question for Pat

    I had the book "Perspectives on a Grafted Tree" but several yrs ago a friend borrowed it and then moved. I am ordering another copy, but am searching for a poem that said something about the life of a child being a blank slate and we (parents) are the black ink that writes on the white paper..... or somthing very similar.
    By son's birth mother died yesterday and I would like to find the poem to put in a card that I am putting in her casket. Can you help?????

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    I'm so sorry about this loss...

    The poem you are looking for has no title and is by an unknown author. It reads like this

    The heart of a child is a scroll,
    A page that is lovely and white;
    And to it as fleeting years roll,
    Come hands with a story to write.
    Be ever so careful, O hand,
    Write thou with a sanctified pen;
    Thy story shall live in the land
    For years, in the doings of men.
    It shall echo in circles of light,
    Or lead to the death of a sou.
    Give here but a message right,
    For the heart of a child is a scroll.

    This is a lovely poem, but I wonder if "Legacy of an Adopted Child" (the two mothers poem) or Chris Probst's "Our Child" or Shirley Cochrane's "To the Birth Mother" might not be better choices for this purpose.



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      Thank you!!!

      That was the one I was looking for!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!
      Bio parents lost the kids when they were 1 and 2 yrs old. We reconnected with her 3-4 yrs ago and while she save severe mental illness, she was never resentful for not being able to raise the kids since she knew she was sick. She had acknowledged how her early decisions had effected the kids etc. That is why I wanted this poem-- just "felt" in my heart it was the one.
      Again, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!