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  • HomeSchooling

    Hi Brice,

    I am Planning to do HomeSchooling for my Son for the Next year. He is 6 yrs old. I live in Piscataway, NJ.

    When i Spoke to the Case Manager about HomeSchooling. He just Said you are on your own when you do HomeSchooling. The School district will not provide any Support. I have seen other instances where he is not giving me the actual answer. So i wanted to see, if i can get any help for the Related Services like OT, Speech from the School District.
    if i can get them, how do i approach ?

    Thank you,

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    Home schooling and equitable services in New Jersey

    Hi, Sujatha.

    This is a great question. Many parents ask the same thing.

    How home schooling is defined and regulated is up to the individual States. For example, the State of Virginia defines a home schooling program as a private school. In New Jersey, the term is nonpublic school.

    New Jersey defines a nonpublic school as an elementary or secondary school within the State that is not a public school that provides K-12 education (or any combination of grades in which a student age five through 20 may fulfill compulsory school attendance) and which complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (P.L. 88-352).

    This is an important distinction because you are planning to home school your child and you want to know whether related services such as OT and speech are available at public expense from your school district.

    Aside from having an IEP, the only public funding provision that I know of is the equatable services provision in Part B of the IDEA. You can read it at 34 CFR 300.138, which is on the Internet at


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      HomeSchooling in VA

      Hello Brice,

      Thank you so much for your reply. I am planning to move to VA next year and my Son would be 9 yrs old. so I wanted to check. What would be my options if i plan to home School or Is there a way I can do Partial HomeSchooling. Morning he Attends School and then in the Afternoon I can Home School him.

      Thank you,


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        VA is a very home school friendly state. For example if you have teaching credentials (in VA) you can do what is called Home Tutoring and skip the other home school regulations - If you are looking for VA home school information, this is a good website:
        This are also very active homeschool yahoo groups - particularly in Northern VA (NOVA) where we are.
        You said you were looking at a move to VA but you didn't say where - rural Virginia schools are not good but Northern Virginia systems are much better. There are 4 systems in NOVA Loudoun Co., Fairfax Co. Prince William Co and Arlington Co. I have some experience with all of them - We lived in Arlington for a long time. My advice is if you have a child with special needs stay away from Arlington and Prince William counties. We selected Fairfax - it's a large system with a lot of resources. Loudoun would have been my second choice.
        Good luck.


        Schools and how they work with homeschoolers


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          HomeSchooling in VA

          Thank you for your reply Nancy.

          We are moving to Ashburn,VA. Thank you for the Website and yahoo group. I will read and join the group.
          Is there any other Tips, So I can be all prepared before i move.

          Thank you ..


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            Home schooling is also necessary with academic so the students can learn education with etiquettes as well.
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              Indeed, it is a fact that Home schooling is that part of any child's life that changes his life because they learn a lot of things during that part. More over, it is also helpful for them because it is a stage where they learn how to read or write and they get to know what actually exploring is. They are being taught about the etiquette as well.
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