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  • Clomid?


    My partner and I are both 32 with healthy family histories of fertility (my mom had her youngest at age 39 and is 1 of 10 kids). And I have always had a regular cycle averaging 30 days.

    We have been trying for a year and, preemptively at 9 mos went to an OBGYN for some testing.

    Radiology: Looks good, no tube blockage
    Ultrasound: Lining looks good, follicles look good, I was there the day I ovulated and could see the burst follicle (pretty cool) and the cycle after that, a few days before ovulation, I had a healthy follicle ready to go.
    Blood testing: everything looked normal except my AMH, which was a 0.83, My FSH level was 7.7

    My partner does have a low sperm count (12 million) so we tried IUI, which was unsuccessful (although we did wait 2 hours at the office to be squeezed in, so perhaps this made his sample ineffective?)

    All of this is background, here are my questions:
    1) How accurate is the AMH test? I was told this meant I am at advanced maternal age and have a low egg count. They suggested I try egg freezing soon. It's been hard for me to digest given my healthy personal and family history

    2) The doc prescribed clomid and instructed I take it days 3-7 of my cycle. I'm concerned that this will make me release more than one egg. If I have a low egg count (as I've been told) and have been ovulating regularly (as evidence by 2 months of ultrasounds, several months of positive OPKs, regular menstruation etc) then is clomid going to make the eggs 'stronger' or simply increase the likelihood that I'll release egg(s).