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Newcomer here. sterile from testicular cancer (Both of them), Any others like me?

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  • Newcomer here. sterile from testicular cancer (Both of them), Any others like me?

    Hello everyone! I am here trying to meet others and network with people who are in a similar situation as i am, Although i think my specific situation is pretty rare, I am hoping to find others who lost both of their testicles due to testicular cancer. as well as try to find resources to try and find help with funding and support for getting some sort of artificial insemination procedure done for me and my significant other.

    A little about myself =) Feel free to skip this, Tis' a wall of text

    I am 32 years old, an avid snowboarder and have a daughter (non biological) with my fiancee, They are both my entire life! I also love tuning cars for racing. Me and my fiancee met when i was 13 years old, we dated until i was 18, split up for 2 years, during which time she had a child with another man which actually ended up being the biggest blessing in my life. We had come back into contact after her child was just about to turn 2 years old. by which time i had already lost my left testicle to cancer. During our time separated i ended up moving to Bulgaria and spending time there and was pretty much diagnosed with cancer about a month after coming back, when i had just started college.

    Fast forward to about 2 years ago. ME and my other half had been very happily re united.and had been trying to conceive for many years at this point, and the relationship with her daughter ended up being nothing different that the relationship between any other father and his biological daughter, i looked at her as a blessing because i always had a feeling that i was never going to be able to naturally have children even though they said one testicle is plenty, and the chemo shouldn't have effected it for long, I just always had this gut feeling that something was wrong, like there was a constant pain there from the time i was 15 years old.

    Anyhow, Finally my fears came true and i was suddenly in a ton of pain, hospital visit revealed that i had cancer again in my remaining testicle, Made me feel pretty lucky, being that the chances of getting cancer in both testicles at different times are astronomical. Could have won the lottery while getting struck by lightening in a crashing airliner.

    needless to say its been rough, and i am looking for advice, Guidance, people to relate to? Its so hard for this to happen to us because my entire life i had dreamed of being a father, and i have that with my step daughter, a phrase i hate because she thinks of me as daddy. But i feel so jipped, I want to experience the whole process of pregnancy with my soon to be wife, I want to have that experience, and be able to share such a wonderful thing with her.

    I am guessing there are many people out there that are in the same situation, how do you deal with such things? What resources have you used to get help?