My wife and I are over 40 and live in Baltimore. We had done 5 rounds of IUI and 3 rounds of IVF without a single pregnancy let alone a child. ***We had been treated by a private doctor who was very cold and by the Hopkins IVF clinic, where we saw a new face every time and they had run out ideas (except to try again) ***A doctor at Hopkins had recommended SIRM and Dr T to us. ***She also failed local attempts and had success in NY with Dr T. We were impressed with SIRM and him from the start (no residents or fellows -he is truly your only doctor!). We signed up for a 3 trial plan and unfortunately the first 2 did not work but he always remained optimistic and had new ideas to tweak the plan for the next cycle. My wife was in shock when she got the call that she was pregnant! ***He is very accessible via email and phone and believe me we were pretty nervous and needy. ***He met us on a sunday am in nyc for a weekend when my wife saw some blood and had some cramps. ***We feared the worst. *** I almost passed out when he nonchalantly told me it was twins ***We have now been discharged to an OB at home but have 2 wonderful children growing right on schedule thanks to him. ***