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  • How to use a bullet journal

    I've heard that psychologists advise people to create so-called bullet journals for a long time, but I didn't know where to start. The very concept and the process of self-development were incomprehensible to me. So how to use a bullet journal? This question I asked myself for about a week until I found this excellent article. In just a couple of minutes, I learned that such a journal is nothing more than a place of power.

    In particular, I realized that I have to write down all the events and emotions that I feel. Understanding my problems allowed me to identify the source of my anxiety. As a result, now I have become calmer and more balanced. In addition, I realized that I had to focus on positive emotions.

    Each person who surrounds you leaves a so-called emotional mark. Thanks to this article, I learned to say “thank you” to those who gave me positive emotions. In addition, I always write down a list of goals, desires and thank myself for what I have achieved. This trick became possible after I read about the essence of each bullet journal. Why did I not dare to make such changes earlier? All these new sensations made me happy.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I will make this motivation to identify the source of my anxiety too. Building Decks


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      Thank you so much for the amazing information. I hope that there's more to come. drywall contractor