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Where is everybody????? Come out and play!!! (m)

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  • Where is everybody????? Come out and play!!! (m)

    Maybe we can do our weekly check-in here to get everyone going....

    As for me, I ran 2 miles today, and it was nice and easy. I'm getting close to an "easy" 5K!!!! We are visiting my sister in NY for a few days over the Columbus Day holiday, and she invited me to a 5K run/walk for pregnancy loss in her town. She donated money for the babies both she and I lost, and their names and info will be on posters. I am going to try and run it, even though it's a bit sooner than my training has me ready. My other 5K is at the end of Oct.

    I did Pilates yesterday, and will run/walk my dog tomorrow, with a 2 mile run Thursday.

    Hope everyone else is having a great week as we head into October!


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    Not much today since we were at services in the morning

    We took about a 20 minute walk, mostly uphill in heels. Does that count?

    Much better eating day today than the past few days. Thankfully all the chocolate I've been binging on is gone.



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      I'll play

      Tuesday - 40 min on the TM
      Wed - rest day
      Thurs - 40 min Wii Fit strength and cardio. Love the boxing.

      Diet has been fair (minus the cupcakes I ate this AM - tastycakes have arrived in NC finally). Still holding at 137lbs.