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10-4-09 Eating / Exercise / Overall Motivation

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  • 10-4-09 Eating / Exercise / Overall Motivation


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    I'm giving myself high marks even though it is early in the day because I have high hopes.

    But can I just say... I went on my Sunday run today with my running club buddies and a newer woman was there who I don't know and we were chatting about clothes. And she had never heard of LLBean! I was thinking what planet have you been living on??? I meant to ask if she recently moved to New England but never got around to asking. Haven't most people heard of LLBean?


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      7 / 10! / 7

      I finally got off my tush, so that's a 10 in my book. Keeping it up is what matters, I know.

      Thanks for keeping us alive skinnykitty.


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        I'm late but I don't exercise until 7pm and then crash by 10pm. SIL had a baby and I have been cooking and freezing for her. I love to do that because till I'm done cooking it all I don't want to even think about eating it.

        Also, I made Turkey/ground beef meatballs. They are so lean and so delicious. I used 2lb turkey and 1lb lean beef, whole grain bread, some parm cheese, some milk, and 2 eggs. This made like 50 meatballs (perfect size) and at first I was skeptical because I LOVE "regular" meatballs. But these are delicious and so healthy!

        Just thought I'd share.