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High Risk newly pregnant - a few questions

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  • High Risk newly pregnant - a few questions

    I am 32 have PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular ovulation. Have one child (6yrs old) delivered emergency c-section at 32wks due to HELLP Syndrome, Eclampsia. Baby was diagnosed with maternal HELLP, fetal growth retardation due to absent end flow. Had meconium Ilise at 3days with ostomy, liver biopsy (low platelet count) Nissan fundalplucation with g tube placement, broviac cath. Finally able to go home at 6months weighing 5lb 6oz.
    Have had a c-section, removal of endometrial adhesions twice and appendix all in the same location with lots of scar tissue. I was not taking any fertility meds/iui/ivf of any kind. This is a complete natural conception much to our surprise.

    I have a few questions I would like opinions/advice on.

    First is my date of conception. I had an ultra sound recently and as of today (July 27) my ultra sound says I am 5wks & 5days. My last period was May 10-16. I do not know when I ovulate. My sexually active days were May 30&31 June 20,21. My doctor says I got pregnant on July 1??? My last sexual intercourse was June 21, I had a positive hpt on July 7 and a digital reading 1-2. My HCG was marked at 3,086 on Sun July 19. I would like to know if I did in fact conceive on the 20 or 21 June why am I only reading 5wks & 5days on ultra sound??

    I have been having horrible morning sickness this time as I had none in my previous. Hence why I was in hospital.

    My second question is, how likely am I to develop HELLP/eclampsia in a 2nd pregnancy?? My previous struggle with it was undiagnosed until the day I delivered even tho I had signs at 21wks (upper right pain, elevated BP & low platelet count) I was prescribed antacids and told to rest. I had no protein in my urine. The emergency room Doctor on call was who figured out I had HELLP and had to deliver. shortly before that I had mutliple seizures.

    Is there anything I can do to lower my risk? Should I monitor my BP and chart at home?

    Thank You & I welcome any advice/input. My first OB appointment is Aug 25th.
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