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  • Need advice for skin medicine

    Hi there, I'm not sure if I am posting in the right part of the forum, but here goes. I have been reading a lot about actives penetrating the skin successfully. While a lot of base creams don't have anything to help these actives penetrate the skin more effectively. Propylene Glycol and ethanol are effective carriers, but usually these aren't available in base creams. Does a regular over the counter really act as a carrier for active ingredients? I am worried to have a proper, permanent solution to get rid from awful, unhealthy skin by having Botox treatment (Generally suggest by many of people with whom I concern within my living). For me, this treatment seems good but need more research under this aspect. Could you please suggest for Botox therapy? Does it really beneficial for skin?

    While from my understanding things like Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Vitamin E Acetate absorb very easily into the skin, so those sorts of active would be fine in a good lotion or cream. But what about other actives i.e., Like water soluble etc.? I know most of the time DMI is usually said to be very good and effective in regards to assisting actives to get the target sources directly into depth of skin. But most of the time base creams do not contain it. It is something one has to add themselves.
    I'm also interested to look for some medicine advice under this regard which may be effective and will work long-last. Any advice, tips or suggestions please?
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    Botox treatment has many side effects like
    • allergic reactions
    • headache
    • muscle stiffness
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