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A fond farewell to Liz

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  • A fond farewell to Liz

    I wanted to say that we while we are looking for someone to fill Liz's shoes (no easy task), that someone will be checking in to be sure all who post are supported.

    For Liz:
    It is hard to write a note to such an eloquent speaker and writer as yourself. It is also hard to say goodbye to a person who has been such a long-standing participant and rock for many INCIID consumers immersed in grief and loss.
    We want you to know that your time spent answering the many questions and consoling the many grief stricken will be cherished and treasured by those who read your words as well as all of us who had the pleasure to work with you. Although we will look for another person to help consumers and to support them on this forum, your shoes will be incredibly hard to fill after yours.
    While we are sad you are leaving, we wish you well and hope that life will be calm and peaceful providing all the wonderful benefits you so richly deserve. We thank you profusely for donating your very valuable time imparting such soothing words of wisdom to the many people you have helped.
    We truly thank you for all the time you have donated to INCIID through the many years it has been a pleasure to work closely with you.

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    Sad to see Liz has left.

    I took an emotional break, after 9 years you would think it would get easier... but some are just harder than others I guess. Liz was wonderful here, her words brought more than just comfort... they brought a sense of peace. A feeling that somehow.. you would make it thru this darkness.

    If you talk to her Nancy, give her my best, and my sincerest thanks.