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    My story is that I got married 9 months back, after 5 month to our marriage we decided to try for a baby, we kept on trying but I was unable to conceive, I went to 4 different doc and apparently everyone said that I am fine yet there is just no reason why I wasn't getting pregnant, then doc suggested me to take clomid 50mg for 5 days, which I did and I got pregnant, I found it on the very same day I missed my period, I was so happy and over excited ( as per my blood report my serum level was 400ml, whc as per the report range I was 4 weeks pregnant) , but then I had this viral fever and cough which is quite common in our cit/ country at the moment, my fever started from 100 and went upto 104...when I told me doc she suggested that I should just take pandadol and no other medicine, 3 days later I had a bad upset stomach issue and I completely dehydrated.. doc admited me in the hospital and put me on a-antibotic, I was on drips, I was there for 2 days - 3 glucose drip, 5 drips of antibotic flygel and 3 antibotic drip of trimax... while I was there I even contacted 2 other doc because I was not sure about these heavy medicine but they said that looking at my condition these medicine were important for me and are not harmful for the baby, anyways I got better and got home, and after 2 hours I started to bleed, I called my doc she said that its quite common and gave me another medicine and told me to have 2 of these and it will be fine, I did but nothing happened, and I started bleedin like crazy with heavy clots, i went to another doc in emergency n she said that I was given wrong and heavy medicine due to which baby is gone and even if I now try to keep the baby - it might carry some health issue so I should just let it go, even then she said that I should have an ultrasound, which I did, and apparently by uterus was clear, normal size, no gestational sac seen, no free fluid, right ovary 3.1*2.1 cm with anechoic cyst measuring 1.7cm, left ovary 2.8*1.8cm, normal size shape and echotexture.
    so the doc said that the baby is gone and said that I don't need D&C because it was way to early pregnancy and gave me medicine so that while I bleed everything get clear and empty.
    Now I have no idea what happen with me and why it happen, apart from the depression I am going through its very important for me to know that what was the reason behind what happen to me was it:
    1. My Health issue that was my high fever and stomach upset
    2. was that a wrong medicine and heavy antibiotics
    3. or I have internal issue? means my progesterone level was low?

    bwt I should also mention, that when I had clomid, doc told me to have a day 12 ultrasound, which I did and my though I had many follicles but size was 0.8cm and 0.7 cm and doc said that its way too small and I might not be getting pregnant this time... but then I did so did I miscarraige because of small egg size?? Also 2 month before I had my day 21 progesterone test.. it was 12.13 ng/ml, it was falling under my luteal phase (1.7 - 27 range). but then one doctor said that my level is fine, but then the other doc said that this level is too low, so I may not be able to sustain pregnancy ( if I got pregnant ever)...
    So I really don't know what to do next, can you please suggest any tests that I should go for or any other thing so that I maybe know what was the cause of my loss so that i may avoid it in future and this should not happen again, I am sorry for taking so much of your time but I really need help.

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    Hi RiaKhan,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know that this could not have been your fault, although I know that doesn't stop the heartache. My suggestion would be to post your message in one of the doctor-moderated forums, maybe the "Miscarriage & Perinatal Loss" forum with Dr. Carolyn Coulam. I think it would be best to get a doctor's opinion on what could have happened and any precautionary measures that you can take during a future attempt. Good luck to you and (((HUGS))).