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    Originally posted by CindyTx
    Hey WasTarin...

    I will volunteer to collect the money. I want to make sure though that everyone knows that every penny is going to this is what I propose:

    --Everyone send a set amount that we decide on (I was thinking $20.00 per person)
    --Send a check or money order (money order if you want to remain anonymous for all you movie and rock stars!)
    --I prefer to email my name and address out to all who will be donating the money rather than posting it here on the web.
    --Then once I receive everyone's money...I will start a thread showing who I received money from. This way we can be sure everyone who donated knows their money was received etc. Then it is simple arithmetic. The number of people posted times the set amount we determine will total what our total pool of money is (ex: 30 people X $20.00 = $600.00).
    --Then whoever is going to purchase our remembrance gift (ex: tree) will need to scan the receipt and either post it or email it. Then I will send the money to that person.
    --With the remainder of the money...I will secure a money order in Alison's name. I will also scan this and post it to verify that every penny is going to Alison.

    Does this sound thorough enough? I just want everyone to feel comfortable that every penny donated is going to Alison. I think if we scan all receipts and the final money order...then we can verify that our money is going where it is intended.

    Let me know what you think. Please offer your ideas if there is a better way.

    Paypal does charge a small fee for each transaction so I think it would be better to go through snail mail with checks or money orders (for the rock stars).



    So everyone who wants to contribute should e-mail Cindy at:

    and she will give us her name and home address to send checks to.

    Thank you Cindy.

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    OK...I am open for everyone to send whatever they want...but it is a bit risky for me. I can account for every dollar in the method I originally described. In other words...with a set amount established, I can prove to everyone that every dollar in fact goes to Alison.

    If you guys are OK with no set dollar amount; then fine with me.

    So email me for further instructions at




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      OK...I have emailed everyone in my address book.

      If you didn't receive an email from me...please email me at