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    Hi! My name is Destiny, and my husband is Danny
    We plan on signing up for the IVF scholarship through Inciid and one requirement was that we make at least one post on the forums. I didn't think much about it, and then I found this section... And this section seems to be where I'll be spending some time (for more than just my 1 required post...)

    My husband and I got married on June 13, 2009. It was the most magical day I could've imagined To this day I still look at the pictures and get goosebumps! It was just absolutely amazing!!

    5 days later, on June 18th... We both left work and headed to the emergency room, Danny was having intense pain in his side and we thought it was his appendix.... It wasn't. After a few tests, a CT scan, and a colonoscopy the next day, we found out he had a large tumor in his colon. Surgery was June 24th and the lab work showed it was stage 3 colon cancer. It was so low in his colon that the oncologist wanted to do radiation as well as the chemo.

    The surgery to remove his tumor killed off his nerves "down there" and we now can't have kids naturally. They had to go in and surgically remove his sperm in order to freeze it (and the radiation could possibly prevent his sperm from ever producing again). It was all kind of shocking and hard on us so we didn't end up starting his chemo for a couple of months after the diagnoses.

    In September he had the surgery to remove the sperm. And in October a CT scan showed a questionable spot on his liver. The oncologist didn't think it looked like any form of cancer, but he ordered a PET scan just in case...
    Results came back and he had ZERO cancer cells in his body. So we went ahead with the chemo/radiation/chemo plan....

    It's now March and we did the first 6 (every other week) chemo treatments, then the 6 weeks of radiation PLUS 7-day chemo. Then we had a month off of all treatments, and last week the every other week chemo started back up....

    I guess we got too used to the month long break because this first treatment has really run us both down. Danny feels like crap, and it's so hard for me to see him feel like crap and not be able to do anything to help.
    Doing all the housework since he's down and out isn't a problem. And he still helps when he can. We're both working and he goes to school 3 times a week on top of his job (which is labor intensive). There are some days when I just sit and wonder how he does it, because I don't know how I could do it if I was in his position... I really don't...

    Next week will mark FolFox treatment number 8, and any happy thoughts or prayers or whatever would be great, in hopes that these last treatments go smoothly. We have 12 total, the first 6 we had before the radiation, One down so far on this last half... so 5 more to go!

    We want children so badly it's ridiculous. He has a daughter with his ex wife, but we split time straight down the middle, and holidays are always hard trying to juggle her around with all of our families. Faith keeps saying she wants a little brother, and we just keep telling her we hope that'll happen some day.
    But right now we're just thankful for the life we do have. I can't imagine what would have happened if we hadn't found the cancer when we did... I don't WANT to imagine it...

    I guess I just wanted to say hi, tell my shortened story of our current situation... and ask for good vibes our way for the rest of the chemo treatments!!

    Thank you for reading!!