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  • Just An Update on Me

    Hi Liz and everyone,

    I used to post on here about 5years ago maybe. I lost my dear baby george at 17.5 weeks after trying to get preg for almost 9 years. They say time heals all wounds...well, it helps but I dont think it heals them completely. I still have all the cards, books, blankets and the few maternity clothes I had in a big plastic bin up in the closet, along with his pictures. I dont cry much about it anymore. I do look at my 3 year old nephew and wonder how much trouble they wouldve gotten into and I smile.

    My marriage ended in divorce in Mid 2008. My now ex-husband just kept insisting that we start all over from square one with clomid and I just was not going to do it. My mother was also saying she was going to get some clomid and crush it up and put it in my food!!! All this combined with the loss of baby george and my ex husbands depression was just too much to handle and we divorced uncontested with no animosity. We are still very good friends and we call each other quite often especially on and around March 15 which is the day we lost our son.

    At the time I was going thru my divorce, I also lost my job at the university and put my house on the market. Then moved in with my sister and her family.

    I have my own place now, one of my cats has come to live with me and I have full-time job, which is much much different from the university work I was doing. I still enjoy teaching my jazzercise class. It gives me the opportunity to inspire other women to be the best they can be.

    This forum helped me so much when I was going thru such a horrific and stressful time in my life. Liz is wonderful. I saw there was an update from Calamyte and she is going to adopt another child. Congrats for you Cal!! I think of you often and wish you the best.

    For everyone else here, this is a hard place to be. My love, my heart and my hugs go out to you. There are women that have been in your place and while you may not believe it now, there are blue skies ahead for you and many great things to come.

    Liz is wonderful!!

    George Spencer R.
    b: 3-15-2007
    d: 3-15-2007

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    Hi rhonni,

    We have never talked before but I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to you for your loss any everything that you went through afterwards. And thank you for the encouraging words!



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      Rhonni - how great it is to hear from you - I remember you well and of course your sweet son. It is always hard to have such abscences and then hear how much life changes between now and then - although I must say that you sound as though you have found some peace and I never cease to be amazed by our human resilience - you are such a testament to that. Please know that all of you who have touched my life with your stories are permanently part of my own ongoing narrative - your son therefore has had an impact on the world that far exceeds his short life. The Boards here are quiet and after more than 6 years moderating I am stepping down however when I saw your post I simply had to respond. I wish you kindness and continued courage as well as love and laughter - warmest as ever Liz (thank you so much for your generous confiednce in me)


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        I am not an expert, in terms of a psychologist; however, I feel that I have gone through so many disappointment in my infertility journey. It has been difficult, both emotionally, physically, and financially. The only thing that has helped me is prayer. I have talked to others on the board, pass4sure certification but prayer just seems to help me cope. I am hopeful one day that I will be able to conceive. I have to have faith and be hopeful, in order to survive this journey. I know from experience that it is not easy to be hopeful, especially with have multiple failures in IU and IVF; however, I make a point of analyzing things and concentrating on the good.