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HELP! Multiple IVF Failures

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  • HELP! Multiple IVF Failures

    I would love to get your opinion on what i should do next given my situation. I just did my 3rd IVF stimulation and just turned 38. So far, i have been through 2 fresh cycles and 2 frozen, (with 2 blasts from each cycle). all them resulted in a BFN and 1 chemical pregnancy (2nd frozen transfer). I am an extremely high responder. I have not been diagnosed with any specific reproductive issues - MAYBE mild endo. My husband however has severe male factor issues and our only option is to do IVF/ICSI. In all cycles, i was on the Long-lupron protocol and overstimulated the first 2 times:

    cycle 1 - 300 gonal-f, 1 menopur
    36 eggs retrieved (28 mature), E2 over 5000, felt terrible, 4 blasts on Day 5. 2 blasts transferred on Day 5, 2 frozen and transferred in FET a few months later. - BOTH BFN.

    cycle 2 - 150 gonal-f, 2 menopur
    22 eggs retrieved (19 mature), E2 over 5000, felt terrible, 4 still going on Day 5. 1 blast and 1 morula transferred on Day 5 - BFN. 2 frozen and transferred in FET a few months later. - Chemical

    I just completed cycle 3 (75 gonal-f, 1 menopur). after 7 days of stimulation medication, 16 eggs were retrieved and only 7 were mature. The 7 were ICSI'd and 5 fertilized. I ended up w/ 4 blasts on day 5 that they did a micro-array PGD on. it turns out only 1 was "normal" which is very discouraging and sounds like my eggs are terrible (my husband has severe male factor - can that also affect this?).

    Anyway, my undestanding is that even if an embryo is "normal", since it is only ONE, there is still a very low chance that it will implant in someone my age (38 yrs old)? I wanted to ask your opinion as to whether I should bother doing the solo transfer of just one normal embryo, or if i should do another fresh cycle - which is quite expensive since i pay cash? if you thnk i should do another fresh cycle next, what would you recommend in terms of meds? is there anything that can improve egg quality? i was hoping that since i was stimmed on a low dose of meds that the quality would improve. apparently not! maybe the menopur is not good for me?

    Many Thanks...

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    Nothing of value to add but that this sounds quite a lot like our situation.
    We just had a fresh transfer, 28 retrieved, 20 mature and fertilized, 2 transfered (1 hatching, 1 not) the 4 remaining broke down before they could be frozen. In the 2WW now.

    I'm quite curious on the opinion of the Doctors as well!


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      Where are you from? I have gone through IVF three times, and only the last one was successful. But I managed to meet a really good doctor who did not allow me to lose hope. It looks like this support was the most important factor in my case. I am from FL. If you are close to my location, I can give you contacts of the clinic.
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